Insects Aside <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2020 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> PERP.FRYIT.NERO ASIR.RIENS.ONER LATE.ENACT.OSTE BUZZNESSASUSUAL ....ODE...PEERS RODEO..APES.DEE ONION.POOS..... TOBEEORNOTTOBEE .....LEER.REORG BAT.ODES..URGES ARENA...NIT.... BREAKOUTINHIVES SETI.UPSET.PELT ISEV.SPACE.ATME ETRE.TYRER.DOOM <ACROSS> _____ walk A common way to cook an egg Fifth Roman emperor What McCartney is, e.g. Small things, in France A remarkable person or thing What “on time” is, to some Make official, as a law Bone-related prefix A stinging insect’s standard work? Dedicated poem A jury might consist of these _____ Drive Mimics Fourth in a common sequence Frequent burger topping Suffix for popular dog hybrids Existential question from a stinger? Ogle Assign new roles to staffers, for short Flying mammal Like 23-across, only more They might be basal or basic Where a game is played Oft-picked thing What buzzworthy puns might make you do Acronym for now-retired screensaver that searched for aliens Defeat surprisingly Attack by hurling (at) International Society for Extracellular Vesicles, in brief Personal ____ “Don’t come ______!” To be, in France Wheeler dealer in the UK? A terrible fate <DOWN> Alternative to Friend A, perhaps Jacob’s brother Popular cracker brand Job title once held by W. Released Remove soap from Formal assents South American hummingbird Vocal percussion sound for a repeated cymbal hit Strangling rope Follwoed “I will challenge,” in Spanish “Do it, ______.” Everyone’s opposite DHL competitor Decay Famous Yoko Dap Eosinophilic esophagitis, briefly Bests Destitute NYC time between 3/14/21 and 11/7/21 Where 32-across appears, in order? ____ Navy According to Lizzo, it hurts First word of the final compound expression in the U.S. national anthem Soft, muddy ground Before Monte Carlo simulation computer code system using Electron Gamma Shower Austrian TV actress Steger Cuff, perhaps Sway Sturdy tree Innocent to a fault A sibling’s daughter Mural prefix Remove, as from power Not downy? Russian leader Early rumors suggested it would be called Slate Reject Friendly street-dwelling monster Stalk <NOTEPAD> Created on