The World Wasn't Ready

songs for kids, families, and everyone
from Liam & Lex

The World Wasn't Ready album cover: Blonde haired boy piloting a spaceship

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Frequently asked questions

Did Liam really write these songs? Is he really 12?
Yes. Liam was really 12 during the recordings (throughout 2023). Liam's dad Lex (mostly) wrote the lyrics, and would hand those off to Liam, who would then put to music. Liam typically composes on the piano.

There's one song ("The True Story of My Siblings' Bus") that Lex wrote the core music for, but Liam added the the bass, a higher piano part, and more. On some tracks, Lex wrote the melody line on top of the music Liam composed. Lex and Liam wrote "Cars" together, and that was really, really fun. They should do that more.

What instruments does Liam play?
Liam plays the piano, the bass guitar, the saxophone, and the drums. On this album, more instrurments were recorded live than any other album from Liam: bass, guitar, keys, and sax. Keyboard parts were recorded initially into GarageBand on an iPad.

How did you technically make the album?
As per the above, Liam typically records from an electric piano or from instruments plugged into a digital interface that feed into GarageBand on an iPad. Then we import the full GarageBand project into Logic Pro on a Mac. We record vocals using a couple different USB microphones, sometimes on the iPad, sometimes on the Mac. We mix and master in Logic and Fission.