Hunger Attack

a new album for kids, families, and everyone
from Liam & Lex

Hunger Attack album cover: Purple background with Hunger Attack and Liam & Lex, plus a giant sandwich

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Frequently asked questions

Did Liam really write these songs? Is he really ten?
Yes. Liam was really ten during the recordings (summer 2021). Liam's dad Lex wrote the lyrics, and would give Liam what were effectively poems, which Liam would then put to music. Liam typically composes on the piano.

There's one song ("Time For S'mores") that Lex wrote the core music for, but Liam composed the bridge, and played all but one piano line and one guitar line. (There are multiple pianos in that one!) There's one other song ("Rollercoasters") where Lex wrote the melody line, but Liam composed everything else.

Liam composed every note on the other tracks, including all the instruments and the melody lines.

What instruments does Liam play?
Liam plays the piano, the bass guitar, and the drums. On this album, nearly everything was recorded first from an electric piano via MIDI, into GarageBand on an iPad. Occasionally, Liam played string instruments (like guitars or bass guitars) using on-screen guitars in GarageBand instead.

How did you technically make the album?
As per the above, Liam typically records from an electric piano into GarageBand on an iPad. He sometimes uses the on-screen instruments instead. Then we import the full GarageBand project into Logic Pro on a Mac. We recorded vocals using a couple different USB microphones, sometimes on the iPad, sometimes on the Mac. We mixed and mastered in Logic and Fission.

What happens to the narrator at the end of "I'm On My Way To Mars"?
That question is left up to the listener. We hope someone sends the narrator an iPad or some more books, at least.

Is Booboo-Bot real?
He wrote this FAQ.