I love to help businesses grow.
And to have fun doing it.
Hi. I'm Lex Friedman.

Everyone wants to grow revenue and boost sales. I have years of experience helping companies do just that, by coaching sellers and building systems that scale.

As a founder, entrepreneur, and C-suite executive, I've helped lead companies to five acquisitions and one IPO. After decades as a sales leader, executive, and entrepreneur, I've developed and honed replicable skills and techniques to drive success. And I'm good at teaching them, too.

I can help you build a better sales strategy, help your sellers improve their pitches, and help your business close more deals.

I can help your team get more calls, more meetings, and more responses to cold emails. And I can teach you how to make negotiations feel more like a conversation than a battle. Best of all? I think this stuff is fun, and I think your team will, too.

I'd love to help you and your company whether in sales, in podcasting, or something else. Let's talk.
You may have more questions on who I am, how this works, and what happens next.

It all starts with a conversation. We'll figure out what your business needs, and whether I'm a good fit.

There's no obligation with our first conversation, and no hard sell, either. We just talk, to figure out whether and how I can help your company.

If we agree there's a fit, we'll build a custom, flexible plan. I can meet with your team in person or via Zoom. We can schedule a single day of workshops, or an ongoing engagement.

The point is, we're going to figure out something that works for you and your business.
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